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Abel écrit
Une équipe de FAVL, composée des chargés de programme SAWADOGO Abel et Dioni Aicha s'est rendue dans les communes de Mané et de Sabcé dans le Sanmatenga et le Bam. L'objectif de la mission était de faire les inventaires des livres dans les bibliothèques communautaires de Mané et de Sabcé, et de rencontrer les maires desdites communes.PICT0035.jpg Partie de  Ouagadougou le 04 septembre, l'équipe a eu une rencontre avec le coordonnateur régional. Avec lui, il était question de la préparation des inventaires et la rencontre du maire de Mané. Le 05 septembre l'équipe accompagnée du coordonnateur régional a rencontré dans un premier temps le bibliothécaire de Mané. Les discussions ont porté sur la transmission des documents exigés pour le renouvellement de son contrat. Après cette première entrevue avec le bibliothécaire, l'équipe s'est rendue à la marie où elle avait un rendez-vous d'échanges avec le maire de la commune. C'est dans son bureau et accompagné des premier et deuxième adjoints  qu'il a reçu l'équipe de FAVL. Cette rencontre a débuté par les civilités. A tour de rôle, les participants à ces échanges ont décliné leur identité. Le maire a souhaité la bienvenue de l'équipe dans sa commune et demandé l'objet de la visite. Le but de la rencontre qui était d'évoquer les questions liées à la convention et au contrat du bibliothécaire a été dévoilé au maire. Sur la question de la convention, les échanges ont porté sur le contenu. Une copie de la convention et de l'avenant a été remise au maire en présence de ses adjoints.
PICT0039.jpgA propos du contrat, le maire dit ne pas être à mesure de le renouveler, sans un avis favorable du conseil municipal qui se réunira en octobre 2017. L'équipe a laissé une copie du contrat précédent au maire. A la suite des échanges, le Maire a promis de traiter ce dossier les jours à venir en concert avec son équipe. Nous resterons en contact permanent pour apprécier l'évolution de la situation. Après les échanges, l'équipe s'est rendue  à la bibliothèque pour l'inventaire. Un travail très fastidieux qui  a consisté à mettre à jour le registre des livres.
PICT0045.jpgLe 06 septembre, l'équipe s'est rendue à Sabcé pour la rencontre avec le maire et faire l'inventaire à la bibliothèque. La première activité n'a pas pu se tenir car le maire était occupé à la journée de recevabilité organisée par la commune. L'équipe s'est donc mise à la tâche de l'inventaire des livres. Un travail qui a été facilité par la qualité de l'entretien des lieux par la bibliothécaire. On note une assez bonne organisation dans la bibliothèque. Notons également que  le hangar s'est détérioré sous l'effet des intempéries.

Echos des bibliothèques N°23 disponible

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Abel écrit:
La revue mensuelle d'information des bibliothèques de FAVL Burkina-Faso est disponible. Vous trouverai le récapitulatif des activités des bibliothèques et du Staff au cours de mois d'Aout.
image de echos 23.PNG
Echos des bibliothèques N°23.pdf

Health Camp at Kitengesa Community Library

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Micheal Ssegawa, Kitengesa librarian, writes:

We concluded the Health Camp at Kitengesa Community Library last week. Its is so exciting that up to now women are still talking about it. They enjoyed every item that was discussed. All the facilitators were very knowledgeable people.  Personally, I would like to thank you for making this happen here. They asked so many questions which I thought were obvious but not to them. Myself I learned a lot too.

They thanked you so much and other stakeholders (KCL, ...) for bringing this wonderful opportunity here. I was very happy yesterday when Mrs. Nsamba said that the head of the priests in our Parish said that he was angry for us not telling him about the camp. He would have sent a priest to the library everyday to learn and also to give some knowledge to the participants.

More reporting on vacation classes in Ghana libraries

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The classes continued this past week with yet another impressive performance in all the libraries. The children are indeed enjoying the classes hence the continual daily increases in attendance.

The nursery and lower primary classes this week continued with more spellings and pronunciation of two letter words, three letter words and four letter words. Going round the three libraries and monitoring them, I can say for a fact that these children are picking up speedily, in other words they are able to spell and pronounce words on their own after they have been taught by their teachers. The teachers using a book title "I want to start reading" A helpful reading book made simple for beginners Volume II, by S.Y. ADOBOE which I recommend to them, taught and explained the vowels and consonant phonics to the children, and then to the spelling, pronunciation and how to write these words. The book also contains short comprehension reading relating basically to the words (two and three letters) being spelt which teachers sometimes read aloud for the children to read after them. At the end of each day, fill in the gap or missing letters exercise are usually given to children to test their understanding levels, and guess what these children always scored very good marks. But of course there were few others (the children) who still have difficulty in mentioning both the two and three letter words. But overall performances from this class have improved significantly. Thanks to the respective teachers of these children in all the three libraries.
The Upper Primary classes also continued to read more stories books with their teachers in the respective libraries. The overall individual reading ability/ capacity have seen more improvement. At the beginning of the classes a good number of pupils were having difficulty in reading or mention some words, but the situation have seen some positive changes just after the few weeks the classes begun, at the start of the classes I assured everyone that they will all be able to read and read well before we bring the classes to a close. I encouraged everyone not be afraid or feel shy; I may say something and they will laugh at me, they should be ready to make the mistakes and get corrected than to keep quiet and yet go back home and to their schools with same mistakes, it is not helpful! And so the patrons took this advised seriously and begun to participate actively in every single activity or question that is been asked, some are there, at times they sincerely don't know the answers to some questions being ask but for the advice to always try, they do try their best to say something. For instance, I asked one day at the Sumbrungu library for the spelling of 'phlegm' (the sticky fluid blown out from our body through the nose and sometimes the mouth).  Many hands went up, I selected a few of them to spell, guess what, spellings like flem, flemm, flewm among other were what I got. Only one class 4 pupil by name Cletus Anamyire of Eureka Academy got the spellings correct, the rest including the JHS pupils were not able to spell. So from that day to date, almost every one can now spell that word correct, so as a result of active participation and contributions during reading times, pupils have improved speedily on their reading abilities.
The JHS pupils continue to read more story books also with their subject courses, they have also improved upon their reading and learning skills.
Over the week at the Sumbrungu library, pupils/students were also taken through riddles that requires some little critical thinking to be able to respond on the part of these children, some children were very fantastic, the ease in coming out with the right answerers for the riddles was just amazing. Some of the riddles that were learn in the week below;
1.      Mr. Y has 12 wives; each of the twelve wives has four daughters and each of the four daughters have seven sons. Who is Mr. Y? Ans. Year
2.      I am a five letter word, when you take me in full I am a talent in human, when you remove my first letter I become dead, when you remove my second letter I become ill. Who am I? Ans. Skill
3.      I am an animal, when I am young I have yellow feathers, when I grow I become dark. Who am I? Ans. Duck.
4.      I'm one of the things needed for most works, when you buy me I'm black, when you use me I become reddish in colour, and when you throw away, I become gray. Who am I? Ans. Charcoal.
5.      I am in you but you hardly use me, but every day, everyone that knows you uses me. And when they use me, you give them your attention. Who am I? Ans. Name.
It was interesting how some pupils were able to answer these riddles with ease. Some pupils were given the opportunity to come up with riddles for their colleagues to answer, to which some came up with good riddles full of lessons. In this particular session of the classes, all the pupils/students are usually brought together in one class. It is normally a time for laughter and fun as the answerers' flows sometimes in a funny way.
I also shared a number of stories over the week with patrons; the greedy dog, Wiser than you and Mama fatter Toad. All were full of great lessons to be learnt.
We are planning of having a grand celebration day to mark the climax of the classes !

What are libraries for? For reading!

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reading in kunkua library.jpg

Cesrud/Favl Ghana vacation classes for last week witnessed another massive outpouring of patrons to the three libraries. The patrons are really getting more interested in reading and/ or learning with colleagues at the libraries; regular patrons to the classes keep sharing the joy and fun in reading at the libraries with peers at home.  This good testimony of the ongoing reading classes shared daily by regular patrons to their colleagues at home have compelled most of them to also come and see  for themselves what is actually happening at the libraries.  Any time these visitors followed their friends and come to the libraries to see what is happening and perhaps take part in the reading, they go back home also and brings friends and brethren in their good numbers to come and partake in what these visitors described as a good course worth attending hence the daily increase in attendance to the classes.

We had the Executive Director of Cesrud/Favl Ghana Mr. Rex Asanga coming in the early hours of today to the Sumbrungu library to monitor patronage and performance of the classes so far. He was very impressed about how patrons have increase in their numbers and their zeal to really read books. He encouraged patrons to keep on reading well and tell friends who are still at their respective homes to join them so that they will all read and learn together for a better future.

Later in the day at Sumbrungu Library, Mr. Nicholas Adea (a trained teacher currently teaching at Sirigu Senior High School) one time teacher of the ASRP also came to see how the classes are faring. He was delighted at what he saw at the library; children and young adults in their good numbers actively taking part the reading. He encouraged patrons to study hard at all time because there is a lot of good in reading than being in the house doing nothing. He asked patrons to tell their friends who are still at the house that they are missing a lot; they should come to the library and take part in the classes. Mr. Nicholas was particular happy for one of the volunteer teachers; Gabriel Ayadago who is taking the JHS pupils in Mathematics, English ICT and Science.  He  said Gabriel was one of the pupils he taught some years back during the ASRP, so coming to see one of his one time student teaching others too in the same library he was taught impresses him a lot, he said several others patrons of the ASRP he taught are now at the Universities and other colleges of education, he challenged patrons to also study well so that one day they will also assist others as Gabriel is doing today. A look at the faces of patrons showed they were happy about the story of Gabriel, they showed determination to also read and/ or learn well so that they could also be of help to others in the future.

At the Sherigu community library yesterday, one of the library committee member by name Mr. Francis who doubles as the assembly man of the community was at the library to also encourage users who are taking part in the classes to keep coming and bring their colleagues also to come and read and/ or learn with them in the classes. He advised patrons to obedient and respect their teachers and pay attention to them.

At the Gowrie library during the week, Mr. Donald Abongo an assembly man also who helped in connecting light to the library also visited the library in the course of the week with some of the committee members and parents to see how the classes are going on. They were full of praise for the organization of the classes and encouraged their children to learn well. They thanked Cesrud/ Favl for what they described as a move in the right direction to ensure that the children are able to read.

So throughout this week it have been a significant and impressive performance in pronunciation and spellings for the lower primary and nursery children, lots of different story books reading for the upper primary (primary 4-6) and also reading and learning of the subject courses for the Junior High School pupils across the three libraries.

We have two volunteers' teachers in addition to the librarian at the Sumbrungu library, same for the Sherigu library and one volunteer assisting at the Gowrie library with the librarian. These volunteers assisting together with the librarians are doing a great job in taking care of these children. In fact, when Mr. Nicholas was encouraging and thanking the volunteer teaches at the Sumbrungu library, he admitted it is difficult handle children; he was surprised how the teachers who are not trained professionally were able to handle such a great number of children. Everyone right from the executive director, the coordinator, librarians and these volunteer assistants with the libraries committee, are very determined to ensure that these young ones really enjoy reading or learning at the libraries hence our commitment in ensuring that every activity is carried out well during the classes. Mr. Rex Asanga for instance have been doing a great job by coming around once a while despite his busy schedule to see how the classes are going on and encouraging the children to learn well. Thank you Mr. Rex, we are grateful, continue with us until we bring the classes to a close.

Update on Cesrud/Favl Ghana vacation classes

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Paul Ayutoliya writes:

Cesrud/Favl Ghana vacation classes continues to record great number of patrons outpouring to the libraries this week. Great and impressive attendance with good performances in all the libraries so far. At the Sumbrungu library this week, the classes are normally divided into three different class; the lower primary with the nursery patrons usually at the library hall, Upper Primary and the Junior High Class. The librarian (Mr. Timothy Apennore) usually takes care of the lower primary and nursery children at the library hall, under the summer hut close to the library, Mr. Martin Asanga handles the upper primary pupils basically on reading of story books. The other summer hut close to the women meeting hall, the Junior High pupils occupies there and are normally taking through reading of some story books and later subject courses such as Maths, Science, English and ICT by Mr. Gabriel Ayadago, a volunteer assistant helping us in the classes. Today, Timothy took his pupils through the story of Diana, a Hairdresser Learns to Read, Mr. Martin read with the pupils he handle the story of Amazing Grace and her Family whiles Mr. Gabriel took his pupils through Change of Subject and Substitution in Mathematics. Everything single activity and class went on very successfully with whatever they read or learns. Earlier today before, pupils break for their various classes, Mr. Bob John Salifu, Cesrud Education coordinator came around to see how the classes were going on. He was very happy seeing the numbers of pupils who came to partake in the classes. He advised patrons to be time conscious in whatever they do and learn well at all times. He asked pupils if they will promise him to learn, obey their teachers and love books and they all answered yes. Pupils were told if they love books they should keep the books neat and clean so that the books will last longer; this will help their younger ones to also get the opportunity to read or learn using same books when they also start to visit the library.

At the Sherigu community library, the classes were also divided into three different classes just as the Sumbrungu library. The librarian Mr. Zacchaeuos takes care of the little ones in one of the class room in the catholic social center, a former librarian Mr. Simon Apana is also volunteering in these classes with his twin brother Sampson. Simon handles the upper primary pupils in the library room basically also in reading of story books whiles the twin brother takes care of the Junior High pupils at one of the class room also in the subject courses and reading.

P1080472 gk-sm.jpgAt the Gowrie Community library, the attendance was also impressive when I visited there today; the librarian Mr. Wilfred and one volunteer too by name Ayine were also taking pupils through reading of story books. They read Amoako and the Forest, Chidi likes Blue and Out Goes to Sea.

So far the vacation classes continue to run effectively each day in all the libraries ever since we begun. The numbers just keep increasing day in and out at all the three libraries. The librarians together with the volunteer's assistants are really doing a great job in these vacation classes this time round. As the days continue, we are hopeful of more effective performance and attendance. 

Rapport des camps de lecture de Béreba et de Dimikuy

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Aïcha écrit:
Du 14 au 18 Août 2017 nous avons participé aux camps de lecture qui se sont déroulé simultanément à Béreba et à Dimikuy. 
Le 13 nous avons rencontrés les bibliothécaires pour échanger et distribuer le matériel. Alors le 14 nous avons commencé avec l'appelle et la distribution des tees shorts. A Bereba on a commencé avec 23 enfants et 25 à Dimikuy. Dans l'équipe d'animation du camp on avait à bereba la program officer, la bibliothécaire, l'assistant, l'enseignante et 06 filles bénéficières de la bourse LYNN DUNN et à Dimikuy on avait l'assistant, la bibliothécaire, l'animatrice, l'enseignante et 04 filles. Avec un retard on a entamé les activités tout en respectant le programme. On a eu la visite du deuxième adjoint au maire et directeur de l'école qui est venu encourager et conseiller les enfants. L'activité d'évaluation nous a permis de diviser ceux de bereba en 04 groupes (les travailleurs, les chercheurs, les lions et les étalons) et ceux de Dimikuy en 05 groupes (Wendpanga, Panga, Wende ya Wendé, Vainqueur et). Dans l'ensemble le niveau des enfants était moyen et faibles car ils avaient principalement des problèmes de ponctuations, de conjugaison et de prononciation. Le premier jour les enfants n'étaient pas trop dynamiques et la participation était morose.  A la fin de chaque journée on faisait le point de la journée et on échangeait avec ceux de Dimikuy pour faire le point. Les activités se déroulaient bien car le deuxième jour, on était à 25 enfants également à beraba.
 Les lectures assistées, les lectures par tutorat et la lecture des livres photos ont amené les enfants à se motiver avec les jours. L'enseignante a fait des petites leçons par rapport aux difficultés que les enfants rencontraient dans la lecture et des leçons de vocabulaire pour les mots difficiles. Pour les exercices physiques, on a évité les jeux trop physiques pour pallier à de éventuels accidents. Cependant on n'a pas échappé à des égratignures. Car il y'a eu un enfant blessé au pied, nous avons lavé la plaie avec du savon et les filles ont mis de la pénicilline. Les jeux physiques étaient des jeux de réflexe et de mémoire. Chaque jour, chaque enfant bénéficiaient d'un petit déjeuné et d'un déjeuner par ailleurs il y'avait de l'eau potable pour la boisson. Les derniers jours, toutes les activités à bereba n'ont pas pu être effectuées à cause de la pluie. On avait invité des parents à 10h pour la lecture des discours par les enfants cependant la pluie a empêché et quelques parents sont vénus après la pluie au environ de 15h alors on n'a pas pu clore comme on le souhaitait. 
Les difficultés
Les difficultés étaient liées au problème de déplacement car il m'était difficile de faire la navette entre beraba et dimikuy car je n'avais pas de moyens de locomotions. En outre quand l'enfant c'est blessé au pied et on n'avait pas de petit kits de santé pour les petits soins pourtant il s'est blessé au camp.  

Report on the vacation classes organized by Cesrud/FAVL Ghana

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Paul Ayutoliya writes;
About Cesrud/Favl ongoing vacation classes for the first week so far, the attendance and performance in terms of how the children are picking up on how to read are just very impressive and lovable in all the three libraries. The children and young adults this time round have developed a good habit towards the libraries hence the greater numbers coming always to the library for the classes. I have had several engagements with the head teachers and teachers of the basics schools around the libraries any time I visit the respective libraries, I have asked them to always encourage their pupils to visit the libraries especially when they are going for vacation, some have indeed taking this request from me back to their pupils hence the good numbers this time round. The librarians also have played key roles leading to the good patronage we have this time round; they went to the surrounding schools during my absence in Accra and reminded pupils about the classes. The libraries since we started have really been interesting places the children desire to be at. The fun and joy in reading with peers just keep these young and little ones coming in their good numbers to the respective libraries. The ampe game, the ludu game puzzles and now the Oware that have been added with more ludos to the games in the libraries attracts more of these children. Motivations sometimes in the form of candies and biscuits to these young ones are just enough to keep them coming to read with friends.  To conclude on this brief write up, the classes are really do a lot in helping children read more of the stories books in the libraries. We are hopeful, the coming days or weeks, more will be joining the classes.


Camp de lecture à Sebba

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Abel écrit:

Deuxième jour du camp : les campeurs  ont répondu encore présent, avec le même 20170815_080636 (2).jpgenthousiasme et l'envie d'apprendre encore plus. Les campeurs ont observés une minute de silence à la mémoire des victimes de l'attaque dans un café au centre de Ouagadougou avant le début des activités.
20170814_083528-1 (2).jpg


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