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Je m'appelle OUEDRAOGO YACOUBA. Je suis un élève Burkinabé. J'ai commencé à fréquenter la bibliothèque de KOUMBIA depuis que j'étais au CE2. Grace à la lecture que j'ai tant aimée, j'ai un bon niveau notamment la littérature (philosophie, français, anglais). Cela m'a permis de décrocher mon baccalauréat série A4 au premier tour. En 2008 la bibliothèque de KOUMBIA a organisé un concours de lecture consistant à lire 40 romans en l'espace de deux mois. A la fin de ce concours, j'ai été retenu comme le meilleur lecteur. Cela m'a permis de travailler comme assistant lors des camps de lecture que j'apprécie bien.

Je remercie de ce fait les bibliothèques villageoises et toutes les structures comme FAVL (Friends of African Villages Libraries) qui œuvrent  pour la promotion de la lecture en milieu rural.


Reading program after-school in Gowrie-Kunkua

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From Lucas Amikiya, FAVL coordinator in Ghana:

On the 18th July, 2012 Mr. Atawura Maxwell of Gowrie - Kunkua Library organized an after-school reading programme for primary four (4), five (5), and six (6) Kids. He invited two library users from the Kunkua community (Mr. Akariyama Clement and Miss. Agana Natashia) with the Coordinator to assist him. The two Volunteers are SSS leavers (Completed SSS).

The kids were grouped according to their reading abilities, table by table. Five (5) tables were set. The kids were first tested before being put into groups. It was very interesting to know that some kids in Class four (4) could read fluently and better than some Class Six (6) kids. Most of those kids who could read better were kids who are noted to be library users. We started at 2:00pm and closed at 3:30pm. One title of a Book was given to a table meaning everyone on the table got the same book. Eg. Maria's Wish for everyone on table one. The kids' were first made to read allow for everyone on the table one after another page by page. Kids with some words pronunciation problems were helped by another or any of us. They then made to read silently and individually after some time. The books were rotated for the fast Readers. That is the books were exchanged by tables or titles to those who finished their books in time.

This was a lovely day and would be continue for all the libraries.


Lucas Amikiya FAVL coordinator writes from Sumbrungu, Ghana:

reader sumbrungu cropped.JPG

Juliana Azagistore, one of Brianna's Literacy Class students came to the library on Monday 16th July around 9am to read. But unfortunately on her part the library was closed because Darius was absent then but I asked her to sit with me in the office to read.

She had brought her books. Some of those books were Mary Loses Her Teeth, Ghana Adult Health Reading Class etc. According to her they were told by Brianna to always come to the library to read so that they will not forget what they learned and also she said that Brianna will from time to time ask me if they come, for this reason she had decided to come and read and also to let me assure Brianna that she will always come to the library to read her own good.  

Juliana was the most serious and committed students among the Sumbrungu class. I did observe that she was always punctual at classes and would excuse herself when she think could not make it. She was also a good reader and even writing given her age. Brianna would agree with me on this. She was able to read most of the passages on Mary Loses Her Teeth with some little assistance from me. Some of this assistance was pronunciation of words like Hygiene, appearing, daughter, spoonful, powder, swallow etc. She read the whole book and practiced writing from the Ghana Adult Health Reading Class. She was with me up to 11am and then left back homeI asked her if she will be coming again and she said yes but not every day. She complained of the farming activities. She was happy and proud that she was the first person to come back to the library to read and was also lucky to meet me for assistance.

Thanks to Brianna for her good work. I will always encourage the literacy class students to imitate Juliana and not forget what they learn and try to learn more.   

1,000+ visits a month to the Ghana libraries

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I've been looking over the visitor statistics for the Ghana libraries in Sumbrungu, Sherigu and Gowrie-Kunkua.  The librarians report per month around 1,000 visits... about 30 a day, during daytime hours (two of the libraries now are hooked up to electricity and get similar numbers in the evening hours).  It's really a lot!  We expect numbers will go even higher at the end of the summer when we restock the libraries with children's reading books from Ghana, thanks to a grant from the Chen Yet-Sen Foundation!

Origami Fun in Koumbia

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The librarian in Koumbia organized an origami activity with some primary school students. She taught them how to make paper boats, which they colored with colored pencils and proudly displayed for a picture.

The librarians at FAVL libraries often do craft as well as reading activities with students to emphasize creative thinking and foster imagination. Origami is an excellent activity because it teaches the students how to follow directions while also allowing them to be creative. 


Library in Ouargaye

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The library in Ouargaye is coming together nicely. The renovation of the building is done. Dounko is working on ordering furniture (chairs for kids and adults, tables, a desk for the librarian, bookshelves) here in Ouaga to have them sent to Ouargaye. The furniture will be ready in about a month, and then we can start buying books and filling up those bookshelves! We hope to have the library open by the end of July. So the librarian will have plenty of time to do any last minute preparations before the reading camp in Ouargaye at the end of September, for which we already have two very eager volunteers signed up. So we're looking good in the centre-est.

Peace Corps Training for the Reading Camps

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On Saturday, the FAVL team led its second annual training for Peace Corps volunteers wishing to help facilitate our summer reading camps. Despite some technical difficulties (because I am about as technologically knowledgeable as an 80 year old) that did not allow me to present tDSCN8346.JPGo full effect the fantastic PowerPoint that I had prepared, the training was successful. After presenting the FAVL team (Donkoui, Alidou, Dounko, Antoinette and I were present) and FAVL's mission and presence in Burkina, we talked about reading camps, why we do them, how they are organized and where they take place; how to integrate our theme of hygiene into reading activities and use the educational books; how to work with the lowest level readers and how to organize a reading camp in a volunteer's own village. We got through all oDSCN8350.JPGf the material a lot more quickly than we though, but the volunteers seemed genuinely interested in the project and were eager to bring up their own ideas and suggestions. We worked in small groups (each group with a member of the FAVL team) about how to use educational books. One group worked with Bouba et Zaza Protègent Respectent L'eau, another with Bouba et Zaza Mesurent les Dangers et Fatou Perd Ses Dents. Each group read their story and then talked about techniques they could use for training kids on the topic in the book while reading it. The groups mentioned a lot of good ideas including having the kids talk about the images before reading the text, explaining difficult vocabulary words, asking comprehension questions and asking the kids how the stories relate to their lives. The volunteers really liked the Bouba et Zaza series, and said they thought the kids would get a lot out of DSCN8343.JPGthe books. When it came time to sign up for the camps, a couple volunteers signed up for more than one, and a couple others called some friends to recruit them. They also appreciated the delicious riz gras, bissap and pain de singe that Salimata and her sister so kindly prepared for us. The 2012 edition of the reading camps look to be off to a successful start!

Ma Sortie à Houndé

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Dounko writes:

Du dimanche 17 au mercredi 20 juin 2012 j'ai fait une sortie à Houndé. L'objectif de cette sortie était de rencontrer Donkoui et Alidou pour finaliser le deuxième numéro du bulletin Echo des Bibliothèques suivi d'une sortie pour constater les progrès ou insuffisances aux bibliothèques et bibliothécaires.

Dimanche 17 juin 2012
Arrivée à Houndé Donkoui, Alidou et moi, nous nous sommes rencontrés au siège de FAVL. Les points inscrits à notre ordre du jour sont les suivants :
1. Échanges sur le deuxième numéro écho des bibliothèques;
2. Programmation des dates de tirage aux choix des participants des camps de 2012;
3. Divers

Abordant le premier point des écrits pour le bulletin ont été donnés à Donkoui pour faire des ajustements ou résumer certains textes jugés trop long. Quant au deuxième point portant sur le tirage du choix des élèves du camp de lecture 2012, nous avons défini les critères du choix de la manière suivante : la présence de 2 membres de l'APE, 2 membres de l'AME, le directeur de l'école ou son représentant et un représentant de la mairie.  On fait écrire 25 oui et 5 attentes pour chaque camp. Concernant le dernier point qui est celui des divers, Donkoui a fait le bilan des tâches effectuées à savoir la rédaction des demandes de soutiens au niveau local, la rencontre avec le maire de Béréba et l'adjointe du maire de Boni, les notes sur l'évaluation du mois de mai, etc. J'ai fait le bilan du cross et les demandes de soutien au niveau de Ouagadougou. Nous avons pris l'initiative que les camps de 2012 soient parrainer par les maires ou des personnes ressources des villages bénéficiaires des bibliothèques afin de les impliquer dans la participation des camps de lecture.

Après je suis rentré à Béréba où j'ai rencontré le directeur de l'école de Béréba pour lui expliquer comment va se dérouler le choix des participants au camp de lecture 2012. Compte tenu des examens la date a été reporté au vendredi 22 juin. Quant à Dimikuy la date du mercredi 20 juin a été retenue après conversation avec le directeur de Dimikuy.


Race for Reading

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With all the fundraising successes we've had at FAVL Burkina as of late, I forgot that no matter how much you plan and organize and try to conjole people into participation, sometimes a combination of factors prevents an event from welcoming a lot of participants. Well, sadly, Dounko and I were reminded of this on Saturday morning, when at 7:30 we still only had 4 participants at the Race for Reading. The participants we did have were enthusiastic (one woman ran the 6K and then went back in to run the 3K) and were eager to supplement their participation fees with book purchases. We did make a small chunk of change from generous donations from fans of FAVL and book sales, which was good. We'll need a new strategy for the event for next year, but I think we're up to the task. Here are a few pictures from the event.




Activités au Burkina

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De notre coordonateur Koura Donkoui:

Chers collègues,
Cette semaine a été particulièrement chargée avec les activités suivantes:
  • l'organisation de la rencontre mensuelle du 7 juin 2012
  • la poursuite des contacts avec les maires pour des rendez vous
  • la synthèse des évaluations du mois de mai 2012
  • la rédaction des lettres de soutien aux camps de lecture pour tous les maires de la province, et une dizaine de lettre remise à chaque gérant pour les ressortissants de sa localité et les personnes ressources ,autres commerçants,
  • le contact avec GOURCY qui m'a envoyé la convention amendée à la mairie
  • une conversation téléphonique m' a laissé entendre que le maire va apprécié juste avant de m'inviter pour la signature,
  • jeudi 7 juin 2012 rencontre mensuelle selon l'ordre du jour suivant
1. le bilan des évaluations de mai
2. Technique de résumé d'un livre( fiche de lecture)
3.  Informations sur les camps (programme )
4. Demande de soutien pour les partenaires locaux

  • remplissage de certains rapports
  • lecture de la lettre de MICHAEL adressé à équipe FAVL Burkina Ghana
  • livres offerts par ISO, ordinateur offert par US embassy
  • réparation des hangars pour camps de lecture
  • conversation téléphonique m'annonçant l'arrivée du maire de BONI et négociation d'un rendez pour lundi dans l'après midi à BONI pour échanger sur la convention.


Books, reading, and libraries relevant to Africa by Michael Kevane, co-Director of FAVL and economist at Santa Clara University.

Other contributors include Kate Parry, FAVL-East Africa director, FAVL Burkina Faso representative Koura Donkoui, FAVL Burkina Faso program manager Krystle Nanema, and FAVL friends Emilie Crofton and Elisee Sare.

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