Update on Cesrud/Favl Ghana vacation classes

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Paul Ayutoliya writes:

Cesrud/Favl Ghana vacation classes continues to record great number of patrons outpouring to the libraries this week. Great and impressive attendance with good performances in all the libraries so far. At the Sumbrungu library this week, the classes are normally divided into three different class; the lower primary with the nursery patrons usually at the library hall, Upper Primary and the Junior High Class. The librarian (Mr. Timothy Apennore) usually takes care of the lower primary and nursery children at the library hall, under the summer hut close to the library, Mr. Martin Asanga handles the upper primary pupils basically on reading of story books. The other summer hut close to the women meeting hall, the Junior High pupils occupies there and are normally taking through reading of some story books and later subject courses such as Maths, Science, English and ICT by Mr. Gabriel Ayadago, a volunteer assistant helping us in the classes. Today, Timothy took his pupils through the story of Diana, a Hairdresser Learns to Read, Mr. Martin read with the pupils he handle the story of Amazing Grace and her Family whiles Mr. Gabriel took his pupils through Change of Subject and Substitution in Mathematics. Everything single activity and class went on very successfully with whatever they read or learns. Earlier today before, pupils break for their various classes, Mr. Bob John Salifu, Cesrud Education coordinator came around to see how the classes were going on. He was very happy seeing the numbers of pupils who came to partake in the classes. He advised patrons to be time conscious in whatever they do and learn well at all times. He asked pupils if they will promise him to learn, obey their teachers and love books and they all answered yes. Pupils were told if they love books they should keep the books neat and clean so that the books will last longer; this will help their younger ones to also get the opportunity to read or learn using same books when they also start to visit the library.

At the Sherigu community library, the classes were also divided into three different classes just as the Sumbrungu library. The librarian Mr. Zacchaeuos takes care of the little ones in one of the class room in the catholic social center, a former librarian Mr. Simon Apana is also volunteering in these classes with his twin brother Sampson. Simon handles the upper primary pupils in the library room basically also in reading of story books whiles the twin brother takes care of the Junior High pupils at one of the class room also in the subject courses and reading.

P1080472 gk-sm.jpgAt the Gowrie Community library, the attendance was also impressive when I visited there today; the librarian Mr. Wilfred and one volunteer too by name Ayine were also taking pupils through reading of story books. They read Amoako and the Forest, Chidi likes Blue and Out Goes to Sea.

So far the vacation classes continue to run effectively each day in all the libraries ever since we begun. The numbers just keep increasing day in and out at all the three libraries. The librarians together with the volunteer's assistants are really doing a great job in these vacation classes this time round. As the days continue, we are hopeful of more effective performance and attendance. 

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