Cesrud/Favl librarian meeting in Sumbrungu, Ghana

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Paul Ayutoliya writes:

Cesrud/Favl staff met yesterday 4th August 2017, at Sumbrungu Community Library. The meeting was held under one of the Summer huts near the Women's meeting hall. The meeting was to enable me to share with librarians experiences and lessons  from my recent visit to Accra and Jordan-Nu, to distribute the books I came with from Accra, and to also touch on the vacation classes starting Monday.

lib meeting.JPGI shared with librarians, the libraries I visited  whiles in Accra, their activities and programs, lessons I learnt from the libraries. Some of the lessons from the visit: we need to meet often as possible as librarians ourselves and also learn how to read and communicate effectively in order to be able to cater for the children or young patrons visiting the libraries effectively. I reiterated the need to always appear neat and smartly dress in our roles as librarians, the librarians all in those libraries I visited were neatly and smart in appearance. Being time conscious about work is a necessity, regular group reading and story time with patrons, games and other libraries activities are vital in the discharge of our duties, thoroughly cleaning of the libraries, dusting of books and shelves and the environs need to be carried out at least once in a week. Proper record keeping of patrons visiting the libraries. Prime among the lessons we need to read read and read as librarians on every material we laid our hands on and try to always make something positive out of it, that's the only way we can move ahead wherever we found ourselves. I touched on my brief meeting with Nii Parkes to the librarians and others whiles in Accra.

On the the vacation classes starting on Monday 7th August, I told librarians we will use the first day for what I termed general reading, from the general reading we will be able to identify those having weakness in reading and those who can read somewhat better, doing this will help us focus more  attention on patrons having weakness in reading. Perhaps if the number of patrons having difficulty in reading is large we can group them separate (this will need assistance). We are hopeful of getting volunteers to aid the librarians. This will help us effectively measure the performance or impact of the classes at the end of the vacation classes. The librarians on their part requested for games such as ludo, oware, scrabble, bingo, football, and others perhaps, so that during break time from the classes, patrons can play and get back to continue with reading. The libraries indeed as it stand now lack games, games as we know also play key roles in library patronage. And so Cesrud/Favl libraries are requesting for games to enable us keep or increase the number of patrons visiting the libraries even after the vacation classes.

goodconduct sm.JPGVery important, I informed librarians of our next novel that we will  reading and discussing along;  Wife of the Gods by Kwei Quartey.  We spent some time during the meeting reading one of the new books I came with title Good Conduct. We undertook this exercise to see how effective the librarians themselves read.  I distributed the one hundred and eleven (111) books I came back with from Accra to librarians

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