Cesrud/Favl Ghana vacation classes in Sherigu, Sumbrungu, and Gowrie-Kunkua

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Cesrud/Favl Ghana vacation classes for last week witnessed another massive outpouring of patrons to the three libraries. The patrons are really getting more interested in reading and/ or learning with colleagues at the libraries; regular patrons to the classes keep sharing the joy and fun in reading at the libraries with peers at home.  This good testimony of the ongoing reading classes shared daily by regular patrons to their colleagues at home have compelled most of them to also come and see  for themselves what is actually happening at the libraries.  Any time these visitors followed their friends and come to the libraries to see what is happening and perhaps take part in the reading, they go back home also and brings friends and brethren in their good numbers to come and partake in what these visitors described as a good course worth attending hence the daily increase in attendance to the classes.

We had the Executive Director of Cesrud/Favl Ghana Mr. Rex Asanga coming in the early hours of today to the Sumbrungu library to monitor patronage and performance of the classes so far. He was very impressed about how patrons have increase in their numbers and their zeal to really read books. He encouraged patrons to keep on reading well and tell friends who are still at their respective homes to join them so that they will all read and learn together for a better future.

Later in the day at Sumbrungu Library, Mr. Nicholas Adea (a trained teacher currently teaching at Sirigu Senior High School) one time teacher of the ASRP also came to see how the classes are faring. He was delighted at what he saw at the library; children and young adults in their good numbers actively taking part the reading. He encouraged patrons to study hard at all time because there is a lot of good in reading than being in the house doing nothing. He asked patrons to tell their friends who are still at the house that they are missing a lot; they should come to the library and take part in the classes. Mr. Nicholas was particular happy for one of the volunteer teachers; Gabriel Ayadago who is taking the JHS pupils in Mathematics, English ICT and Science.  He  said Gabriel was one of the pupils he taught some years back during the ASRP, so coming to see one of his one time student teaching others too in the same library he was taught impresses him a lot, he said several others patrons of the ASRP he taught are now at the Universities and other colleges of education, he challenged patrons to also study well so that one day they will also assist others as Gabriel is doing today. A look at the faces of patrons showed they were happy about the story of Gabriel, they showed determination to also read and/ or learn well so that they could also be of help to others in the future.

At the Sherigu community library yesterday, one of the library committee member by name Mr. Francis who doubles as the assembly man of the community was at the library to also encourage users who are taking part in the classes to keep coming and bring their colleagues also to come and read and/ or learn with them in the classes. He advised patrons to obedient and respect their teachers and pay attention to them.

At the Gowrie library during the week, Mr. Donald Abongo an assembly man also who helped in connecting light to the library also visited the library in the course of the week with some of the committee members and parents to see how the classes are going on. They were full of praise for the organization of the classes and encouraged their children to learn well. They thanked Cesrud/ Favl for what they described as a move in the right direction to ensure that the children are able to read.

So throughout this week it have been a significant and impressive performance in pronunciation and spellings for the lower primary and nursery children, lots of different story books reading for the upper primary (primary 4-6) and also reading and learning of the subject courses for the Junior High School pupils across the three libraries.

We have two volunteers' teachers in addition to the librarian at the Sumbrungu library, same for the Sherigu library and one volunteer assisting at the Gowrie library with the librarian. These volunteers assisting together with the librarians are doing a great job in taking care of these children. In fact, when Mr. Nicholas was encouraging and thanking the volunteer teaches at the Sumbrungu library, he admitted it is difficult handle children; he was surprised how the teachers who are not trained professionally were able to handle such a great number of children. Everyone right from the executive director, the coordinator, librarians and these volunteer assistants with the libraries committee, are very determined to ensure that these young ones really enjoy reading or learning at the libraries hence our commitment in ensuring that every activity is carried out well during the classes. Mr. Rex Asanga for instance have been doing a great job by coming around once a while despite his busy schedule to see how the classes are going on and encouraging the children to learn well. Thank you Mr. Rex, we are grateful, continue with us until we bring the classes to a close.

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