Quiz competition for students at Sumbrungu Community Library

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Paul Ayutoliya writes:

P1070053 sm.JPGCESRUD/FAVL Ghana in collaboration with head teachers and teachers of two surrounding schools (St. Charles Lwanga JHS and Dazongo JHS) to the Sumbrungu Community Library organized a quiz competition for students of these schools last Friday the 16th of June 2017. The quiz competition took place at the Sumbrungu Women Meeting hall due to the huge numbers of participants; the students were numbering up to 300 and above with their teachers also about 20 in number. St. Charles Lwanga JHS presented three contestants; two boys, one girl, Dazongo JHS on the other side presented the same two boys and one girl making also three contestants for the quiz competition.

P1070081 sm.JPGBefore the start of the quiz, I (Paul) was asked to give a welcome address and also tie in the importance of library usage to pupils/students. In delivery my welcome address, I touch briefly on the rationale for the establishment of the community libraries and the need for pupils/students to patronize the libraries. I told students that they need to read at all times because that is the only way that will help them laid a good foundation for their future. I touch on the activities that we undertake in the library; vacation classes, group discussions, time to share, games among others. I told students there is great joy and fun reading with colleagues and friends at the library. I thanked all for their attention and encourage the pupils to always come to the library and read at every time the library is operational. There were other speeches from the head teachers and some teachers also encouraging the pupils to take reading seriously.

P1070070 sm.JPGThe questions for the quiz were set from Science, Social Studies, Current Affairs, spellings and Mathematics. Apart from Mathematics, contestants have 30 second to answer their major question for three (3) points and a bonus questions went for one (1) point. Mathematics, contestant were given one minute to come out with answer for a major question for three (3) points and of course a bonus question goes for a point. There were several questions which all contestants from both schools were not able to provide answer and such question were sometimes thrown to the rest of the students, a number of questions were answered correctly from  some of these students.

At the end of the day, St. Charle Lwanga JHS came top with overall points of 75 whiles Dazongo JHS followed with an overall scored of 61 points. Prizes were presented to all contestants as well as those students from the crowd who also provided answers to some of the questions. Let me add that, the Circuit Supervisors for 'West B' came later on to joined us, he was very impressed about what was going on and express his readiness to supports teachers and the libraries in organizing such events. He advised pupils to study hard and respect their teachers and parents back home.

It was a successful event at the end of the day; everyone who participated learnt something new, we are hoping to organize most of such events including debates and others, we are sure this will  stimulate the spirit of inquisitive reading and learning in pupils/students and to everyone. It will go a long way to increase usage of the libraries.

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