Profiles of Sumbrungu and Sherigu librarians in Ghana

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Apenoore Timothy is the Sumbrungu community librarian. He studied building and construction, as well as woodwork and technical drawing, at St. John's Senior High School. Although his training in senior high school does not directly relate to his current job as a librarian, Timothy enjoys teaching children how to read because he finds a deeper sense of purpose in assisting them in their academic endeavors.

Afeebekiya Zacchariaus is the Sherigu community librarian.  He converted to Christianity after his mother passed away, right before starting senior high school. Unfortunately, he also lost his father soon after, during his second year of senior high school. Despite his hardships, Zacchariaus completed his studies in general arts. He took many elective courses in economics, government, geography, and mathematics. His knowledge in a variety of subject matters has made him well equipped to pursue his dream of becoming a teacher and eventually, a counselor. However, in the meantime, he enjoys his job as the Sherigu librarian because he is able to help children develop their moral values through reading. He believes that this will assist them on their paths to becoming responsible and respectable citizens.

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