Recent activities in Ghana libraries

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Paul Ayutoliya writes

P1060699.JPGCesrud/ Favl Ghana libraries for the past two weeks have recorded good patronage to the libraries as witnessed by me during my tours to the libraries. Basic Schools resumed schools in the first week of May 2017 hence the good record in patronages to the libraries. At the Sumbrungu library, patrons most of whom were from St, Charles Lwanga Academy were welcome to the library with and group reading on a story book title 'Little Stories for Little ears' by S. Y Adoboe. Is a story book with 20 different stories with questions after each story. One of the story is sub-title 'THE PLAYFUL PUSSY CAT.' The pupils numbering up to 20 very much like and enjoy this story. I sought from pupils why they are much interested in this particular story and these were some of the answer they gave me; most of us have cats in our homes, so the story is one more related to what happens in our homes. I proceeded to ask pupils the questions that follow.Pupils answered these questions very good and correct.There were a number of other stories read during these weeks in the library.

A young man by Name Mr. Johnson Agolmah paid a visit to the library in the course of these weeks, he interacted with library users on the impact of the library and encouraged users to make maximum use of the library hence doing so according to him will equip them with the requisite knowledge in every aspect of their lives and education.

At the Sherigu community library, pupils from St. Peter and Paul Academy were always at the library during my visits to the library going through different kinds of stories books individually and sometimes in groups. At the Gowrie library, attendance to the library has also been quite good. Patrons make maximum use of this library during the night session, reason being that the basic schools located in this community are a little big distant from the library.

Over the week I also read a story book title 'Just Call Me Brother' a story of faith and determination by Deborah Cowley. Is a real story of a Man by name brother Tarcisius, from Netherland who had a dream of helping the physically challenge in a faraway countries.

I received a call from the librarian (Mr. Dorgir) of the Jordan-Nu library, he call to greet me and express their thanks again for the visit to their library early this year; he said most of the patrons were asking that I visit them again and that the attendance to the library after my visit were quite significant, patrons increased in terms of patronage to the library. I extend my greetings to him (Dorgir) and everyone in Jordan-Nu and particularly to the user upon the hearing the good report in library attendance. I assured him to tell the patrons there that when the opportunity comes again I will visit them.

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