Record breaking attendence at Sumbrungu library in northern Ghana

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The Sumbrungu library has seen a massive increase in patronage from January to February. This may be attributed to the children's interest in the daily storytelling. Storytelling was held during the students' recess period at school. They would be so eager to hear the stories that they would run to the library as soon as they heard the bell ring. During this time, the library was always at full capacity. Additionally, during February, the Sumbrungu library received a record breaking 111 visitors for the daytime sessions. Prior to this, the largest amount of visitors in one day had been 94.

P1050976.JPG The Gowrie-Kunkua library and the Sherigu library also saw an increase in visitors during the month of February. This was largely due to an influx of junior and senior high school students who were preparing for their rapidly approaching standardized tests that are distributed by the West African Examinations Council (WAEC). Third year junior high school students will soon be taking their BECE exams and senior high school students will be taking their WASSCE exams. The BECE exams will determine if the junior high school students can graduate and what senior high schools and technical institutions they will be able to attend. The WASSCE is the exam that senior high school students must pass in order to graduate from senior high school. Judging by the many hours the students spend at the libraries, we are confident that the they will receive outstanding grades on their exams.

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