February report of FAVL/CESRUD libraries

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Paul Ayutoliya writes:

P1050958.JPGOver the course of February, Paul Ayutoliya talked to many students at both the libraries and the surrounding schools about his experience traveling to Accra in January. Many of the students were very motivated by Paul's story to do well in school, so that they may also travel one day. They promised that they would dedicate much of their time to the libraries and their school work if it could lead them to adventures beyond the confines of Ghana. Many of the teachers at the schools were very supportive of their students and said that they would do their part in encouraging their students to attend the libraries. The head teacher at Kolgo Junior High School even assigned his students a project, in which they would have to present a storybook that they read at the library to the class. Additionally, Paul awarded regular visitors to the library with new school supplies as motivation to continue utilizing the libraries' resources, as well as encourage others to also become regular visitors.

The new storybooks that Paul brought back from Accra were received with great excitement by the students as well as the librarian from the Upper East Regional Library, who Paul met with in order to share the new books. Mr. Afeebikeya, the librarian at the Sherigu library, held many group readings with the students from the local basic schools, St. Peter Academy and St. Paul Academy, during which, they read the new storybooks. Some of the books read included Fati and the Soup Pot by Kathy Knowles, as well as Believe in Yourself and Abena and the Corn Seed by Vivian Amanor.

To conclude, FAVL/CESRUD Ghana has performed very well this past month, and we are optimistic that attendance to the libraries will continue to increase throughout 2017

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Books, reading, and libraries relevant to Africa by Michael Kevane, co-Director of FAVL and economist at Santa Clara University.

Other contributors include Kate Parry, FAVL-East Africa director, FAVL Burkina Faso representative Koura Donkoui, FAVL Burkina Faso program manager Krystle Nanema, and FAVL friends Emilie Crofton and Elisee Sare.

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