FAVL/CESRUD Ghana libraries expand their reach to surrounding schools

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Paul Ayutoliya writes:

The FAVL/CESRUD Ghana libraries started the month of March off very strong. The libraries have been receiving new visitors every day, which can be attributed to Paul Ayutoliya's wonderful job of representing the libraries to the surrounding schools and speaking to the students about the importance of visiting the libraries.

P1060028.JPGMr. Apenoore Timothy, the librarian at the Sumbrungu library, with the help of Justice Akunwae, introduced all of the new library users to the Fati Series by Kathy Knowles Most of the students who attended this group reading were students from St. Charles Lwanga Primary, Kulbia Primary, and The Academy for Christian Training Primary School. Students from Agusi Primary school also visited the library, despite being located seven kilometers away. The students were in the area due to marching practices for the celebration of Ghana's sixtieth Independence Day, which took place on March sixth. The students of Agusi Primary school have a great zeal and passion for learning; however, the distance of the school from a library makes it very difficult for the students to attend the Sumbrungu library regularly. In order to overcome this obstacle, FAVL/CESRUD is working towards purchasing a motor bike that would function as a mobile library to bring books from the library to the school.

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