Recount of Paul Ayutoliya, FAVL Ghana coordinator's, trip to Jordan Nu

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While in Accra, Paul met with Kathy Knowles at her Osu Children's Library where Ms. Knowles generously donated thirty story books. In addition to the thirty books gifted to him, Paul also bought thirty story books from Ms. Knowles's Osu Library Fund book shop, as well as sixty-five story books from Epp Book Service and Methodist Book Depot, in order to bring to the Jordan Nu library. Paul left Accra on the third day of his trip for Jordan Nu, in the Volta region of Ghana. He arrived in the early evening and was met at the Jordan junction by Mr. Jonas, who is one of Jordan Nu library committee members. The following morning, Paul met with the students of White Cross Mission Basic School on the school's field, which had just been prepared for the students' soccer competition. Paul, accompanied by Mr. Jonas, along with one of the Jordan Nu librarians, met with the students to briefly talk about the importance of utilizing their community library and taking their education seriously. Paul told them that in order to succeed in school, the students must pay close attention to their teachers, as well as to ask questions during class. Paul also told them that the library is a great place to complete their homework assignments. The teachers at White Cross Mission Basic School agreed with this and told Paul they would regularly visit the library with their students as a way of encouraging them to develop a good habit of patronizing the library on their own. Later that day, Paul met with the Jordan Nu library committee members and discussed matters concerning the library, which although beautifully renovated and well stoked with all the necessary materials, had very low patronage. However, due to meeting with some of the local students earlier that morning, the library received many visitors that night, who were able to play many of the games that the library has to offer. Although the Jordan Nu library had a greater variety of board games than the Ghana libraries, Paul was able to teach the students a new game called "Yesse." Paul had a wonderful afternoon spending time with the students at the library; however, he was scheduled to meet with the high priest of Jordan Nu and return to Accra that evening. .

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