Recount of Paul Ayutoliya, FAVL Ghana coordinator's, trip to Accra

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Paul Ayutoliya recently traveled to Accra in order to obtain his first passport, in the case that an occasion for international travel soon arises. Paul's trip began on January 24th, when he left from Bolgatanga for Tamale. He arrived in Tamale that evening and utilized his short stay in Tamale to finish his passport application between the night of his arrival and the following morning. Paul successfully completed his passport application at the Tamale passport office and was able to arrive at the Tamale airport just in time to purchase the last available ticket for a flight to Accra on the Africa World flight. This was Paul's first time traveling by air, and he was shocked by the airport's security protocol. After a thorough body search, as well as a scan of Paul's luggage, Paul was able to join the rest of the flight's passengers at his departure gate. Paul barely had to wait before he was able to board the plane. During boarding, Paul was overcome with excitement at having the opportunity to see Ghana from a bird's eye view. However, the reality of flying was much more frightening than Paul had imagined. Paul was shocked as the plane continued to rise until he was no longer able to make out the specifics of the landscape below. However, the scariest part for Paul was when he experienced turbulence for the first time. However, he felt somewhat prepared in case of an emergency due to the presentation on emergency procedure given by the crew members at the beginning of the flight. A more positive aspect of the flight was that the crew members served the passengers snacks. However, after only forty-five minutes, there was an announcement that the passengers should prepare for landing. After landing at the Kotoka International Airport in Accra after only forty-five minutes, a journey that would normally take a minimum of fifteen hours to travel by bus, Paul took a moment to appreciate the speed of air transportation. Although, the plane ride may not have been as smooth of an experience as Paul had hoped, he described it as an overall great experience.

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