Paul Ayutoliya's return to northern Ghana

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P1050353.JPGAfter returning to Bolga, Paul reflects on his trip to Accra saying he returned with not only 204 different kinds of African story books for the three FAVL/CESRUD libraries, but also an experience worth sharing with patrons and students from all around northern Ghana. Paul is hopeful that his experience will assist in promoting the libraries, as well as stimulate the spirit of more people to read and learn by encouraging them to read whenever they have the opportunity to. Paul is extremely grateful that he was able to have this experience, to which he has Professor Michael Kevane and Mr. Rex Asanga to thank for their support throughout his trip.

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Books, reading, and libraries relevant to Africa by Michael Kevane, co-Director of FAVL and economist at Santa Clara University.

Other contributors include Kate Parry, FAVL-East Africa director, FAVL Burkina Faso representative Koura Donkoui, FAVL Burkina Faso program manager Krystle Nanema, and FAVL friends Emilie Crofton and Elisee Sare.

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