Report on the second and third week of January 2017 from FAVL/CESRUD Ghana

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Coordinator Paul Ayutoliya writes:

FAVL/CESRUD Ghana staff resumed work on the 9th of January 2017, after the Christmas and New Year break,  and tidied up the libraries in order to get them ready for public use. Of course the second week of January was characterized with low patronage to the libraries due to the festivities. Basic pupils/ students were just also returning to their respective schools. Good patronage to the libraries were recorded in week three of January. At the Sumbrungu community library, patrons came in their numbers from  St. Charges Lwanga and Kulbia Primary Schools to library. Story books read included: Grandma's Wolf by Ken Brown, Cupcake Caper by Sonia Dander, The Lucky One by Deborah Cowley, I Spy a Lion by Lucy Micklethwait and group reading with the librarian on the story of David's Day at the Mine by Deborah Cowley. A visit to the Sherigu library on the 11th and 16th January 2017 also saw a significant attendance to the library by pupils of St. Peter and Paul Academy School who also read a number of the Kathy Knowles Series and other storybooks. At the Gowrie library, few users were at the library during the daily session, just some playing the lido game and others were seen also reading story books. Gowrie library normally records good numbers during their night session most a time.  So performance in terms of patronage is steadily rising in all the three libraries in Northern Ghana, and we are optimistic of good patronages in the days ahead.


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