Tail of the Blue Bird doesn't resonate with the librarians....

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An honest review from the librarians in northern Ghana...
As a matter of fact, the book Tail of the blue bird has got much brilliant and useful material for the reader. It has also got that element to stimulate the reader upon a look at the title, However, the reader is made bored and lost interest to continue with the book as his expectations are not met.  We in a group took a discussion on this book on the 3rd of august, 2012 and these were our observations and feelings about the book. We earlier mentioned that the reader is made bored as he goes along reading the book because his expectation before reading the book are felt: Yes we in our discussion expected that the writer would tell us why the title Tail of the blue bird? We also expected that the writer would tell us the importance of birds and many things about birds but we rather taken through a long, boring story of no linkage between title and the information told of. One thing that bores the reader much is the long narrative of an investigation of a matter of a minister's girlfriend which took us to the end of the story.

We observed that the writer's style of writing was not quite enticing as there was poor linkage of ideas and much usage of names that were difficult to pronounce making this reader not able to remember the characters and their parts in the story, even though Dictionary was used along.

The librarian and Coordinator (Simon and Lucas) who were part of the discussion hereby said that this has been the reason why people do not read the book in the library. Books like the palm wine drunkard and my life in the bush of ghosts by Amos Tutuola, The number one ladies detective agency  by Alexander Smith, Wife of the gods by Kwesi Quartey are very good for people and they do appreciate and recommend of those books.
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Complied by the (Librarian and Coordinator)


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