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Pong because I'm going to link you back to Blattman's blog, as in all likelihood you came from there, and if you didn't, it is where you should go, for understanding development issues in Africa.

But while you're here, I'll link you also to our latest venture, that is just starting and I'm personally very excited about, which is starting to think about kivaing book production for African libraries.  Because honestly, what kid in a village wants to read a Barbie book?   (No offense to the big B, with whom my daughter has endless hours of fun, mostly involving cutting off hair and snipping clothes here and there and then lining them up for school).

But my friend and occasional collaborator Kathy Knowles got me started some years ago in thinking about producing books that are really super-relevant to kids in villages and towns in rural Africa.  And the more I thought about it the more I thought it might be nice to develop some kind of platform for developing a catalog of books in a nonprofit kind of way, to leverage the creative power of thousands of artists and writers.  So we are iterating slowly in that direction, and we have started with university students who were in Burkina Faso in the fall.  Their books are here.  All of them feature photos taken in the villages.  I guarantee you the young and adult readers in the villages just love this stuff!  Don't order any yet, because they have typos in them.  Fellow traveler Jonathan Thurston is doing something very similar focusing on secondary school students in Ghana.  Eventually we'll get to the same place.

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